2018 Battlefield-Game Confirmed

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2018 Battlefield Release Confirmed

Well, hotdamn ..
During a financial convention at EA, a Battlefield game was confirmed for a 2018 release.
I friggin’ hópe it’ll be a Vietnam~ish or World War 2.
I do have BF1, which is as we all know a World War 1 game, but personally I didn’t really like it.
Of course it’s a great game, great environment, great motion and great fights, but personally I’m not a WW1 fan.
Back in 2002 I pre-ordered BF1942 with a couple of friends here at Ramteam and we were all invited to play the early alpha-release. Which was epic, but .. a bit frustrating because the game wasn’t optimised. At all !! We had a second glance to it in the closed beta and we loved it. It was extremely fun.When the game came out, we have played it for weeks, months, even years in a row. Even with the Secret Weapons Of World War 2, it was dominating. There wasn’t a game like this.

With all the BF-games that were released later (and all total conversion mods), we had so much fun here at Ramteam, especially in BF3 ánd BF4. But most people here at Ramteam didn’t fully like or love to play BF1. We all agreed that we would wait out and see what EA/DICE had in store for us.

I’ve seen some footage which I’m not allowed to share (yet?), so we just have to wait.
Lets just hope this new 2018 BF-game will be dominating again.

This is what a Youtubeer has to say about it, does make sense a bit, doesn't it ?

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