2018 Registration Hangout

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We do not require first ánd last name. Although most members know eachother by their first name, we do ask you politely to note your reallife first name.
Make sure to enter your Ramteam username. If you are a visitor, friend of Ramteam or anything in between, make sure you use your clantag+username !!
Please use your private email. We will never send spam emails. Once in a while we may send out a newsletter or any kind, nothing disturbing !
As always, make sure you remember your password, use LastPass to store your password or simply write down your password on a piece of paper.
Who iz yo daddy and w0t duzz he do? Nah, just kidding. Please share a little info about yourself. Who are you, what's your age, where are you from. The usual stuff 🙂
You are obligated to check all options to concur to these simple 'rules'.