[Updated: 22072017] Ramteam Gaming Rules !!

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Dear Members, Game Leaders and Moderators of Ramteam Gaming,
Here we state out some of the rules for TeamSpeak and every recruit in The Ramteam Network:

*Recruiting rules:

  • Recruits are obligated to register on our website. No registration means no official membership.
  • Recruits must be at least 15 years old, need to behave with respect to older members and will be given an undisclosed trial period, based on behaviour, usage of profanity and such.
  • Recruits who’re coming over from the ARK Survival Evolved and the ARMA 3 Units do not have to meet requirements listed above. They have already proven themselves and are immediately awarded with full member status.

Website - Articles - Forum

Here are some basic rules to accept prior to registering for membership.
These apply for the website itself, replies on articles, forum topics/replies and such:

1] Illegal Content
It is forbidden to post or refer to illegal content. These topics /replieswill be closed immediately and the poster will get an official warning. If this occurs a second time, we will take action against it and you will be removed from the clan.

2] Behaviour
We are all gaming enthusiasts here. Whether it’s PC Gaming or consoles, everyone here is a gamer. Do not start flame wars, use heavy or offensive profanity to groups or people on this website. An official warning will be issued if one misbehaves.

3] Language
Although The Ramteam Network has its home depot in the Netherlands, the main language here is English. If for some reason, you need to post a topic/reply in another language, please be clear as to why such post is needed. Our staff consist of people from all over the world.

4] Respect
Respect and be respected. No need to be pekky towards other ethnic groups. Everyone is welcome here at Ramteam.

5] Donations
Currently we do not have a donation option. We’re looking into the feasibility of implementing such a system. Once we do ask for donations, it would be very helpful for all the services we supply in our network.

Teamspeak 3 - Discord

Here are some basic rules to accept prior to registering for membership.
These apply for both Teamspeak 3 and Discord for all platforms:

1] Clantag
Registered Ramteam members are not allowed to have other clantags on either Teamspeak and Discord. Upon registering for membership you accept these terms to fully use the RMT clantag on TS, DC, Steam, Origin, etc.

2] Audio Spamming
One of the main irritations on the voice servers are people who constantly transmit audio through their microphone while listening to whatever genre music via their computer speakers. Due to several incidents in the past 20 years, we’ve decided to no longer allow this. Please start your own temporary channel if you want to. But please do not disturb serious gamers.

3] Respect
Respect and be respected. Same as for the website rule, there is nó need to be pecky towards other ethnic groups. Everyone is welcome on our voice servers. If you have an issue with another user or a staff member, please contact one of the staff members to sort out the issue.

4] Namechange
Please use your gaming tag as used on the website on our voice servers. We supply online security through our servers for both the website and the voice servers. We cannot fully guarantee your privacy when you’re using different names. ALSO do not constantly change your name on our voice servers. All Unit leaders as well as the complete staff likes to know who’s on our servers.

5] Visitors
Although we do not allow different clantags on our servers, we do allow visitors. If you’re in another clan, but would like to play with our members, please notify one of the staff members regarding this and he/she will authorize you with a special rank on Teamspeak.

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