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Test Drive Unlimited: Platinum

by Pr1nceHapi
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TDU is báck and it has been transformed into TDU Platinum. After taking out the official servers of both TDU1 and TDU2, Infogrames¹ (we refuse to call them Atari²) just left all TDU fans out there crying over never being able to cruise with friends over Oahu, Hawaii (TDU1&TDU2) and Ibiza (TDU2), a group of devs took over the source code and started their own project what is now called TDU Platinum. With numerous additions, removals and lots of new(er) mods, it’s a heck of a game to play again. Even with new hardware, such as the raytracing graphics cards, quad-, hexa- and even octacore CPU’s (or even better), the game looks amazing and it also fully supports 4K and UltraWide monitors.

It’s not about what you drive, it’s how you drive !

More info coming soon..

* Nat Type Issues:

Both TDU1 and TDU2 were known and notorious of their NAT TYPE issues. While the best experience for online racing is NAT TYPE FULL CONE, almost 90% of all players never had that. This mostly had to do with older routers and its flaws for firewalls. Lots of people, including me, experienced a terrible support by their provider opening ports on their routers. For expample, we are not allowed to open ANY port on our router. If we do so, we get disconnected straight away until we reset our router. There is, however, a workaround. Check out THIS link or navigate to our KnowledgeBase to find all sorts of downloads, tips&tricks, workarounds and more.

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