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Gaming Newsposters Wanted: Free Staff Spot

by Pr1nceHapi
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Do you have what it takes to post interesting gaming news (all platforms) in your own words, writing reviews, analyze polls and related items ? Are you a freelance gaming journalist and would you like to help out our little group ?

Then read more below.


We’re looking for a newsposter that has inside information, that knows where and how to find highly wanted news and items in the gaming world on all platforms. We’re looking for someone who wants to become part of the Staff of our group and who wants to be the key figure in providing content in this particular genre. Do you have what it takes ?

Contact us via Discord, browse the menu for our server address !!

Please do not contact us if you have no inside information or no experience in this field. We’ve had several people claiming they could provide, but couldn’t.

Newsposters will be rewarded a spot in our staff.

* Disclaimer: We are (currently) a free of charge group, we do not pay salary. This might change in the future.

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