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New logo, new website, new content, new stuff coming soon..

by Pr1nceHapi
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New logo, new website, new content, new stuff coming soon..

The Ramteam®™ Group is happy to announce a new website, new logo and more frequent content from now on.
After a long period of cooling down, we found new energy to grab back that spot and put ourselves back on the map !!

A couple of years ago a couple of staff members attempted to commit mutiny on the Ramteam platform as well on its registered trademark, in order to take it over. The founder of Ramteam, Pr1nceHapi, took care of all necessary tasks to protect all the rights regarding our platform and made several changes to the path it was going.

Setting everything back a couple of steps, we’ve decided to back to our roots.

Becoming part of Ramteam isn’t just joining a platform, it’s about making a difference !

The Ramteam®™ Group was founded in May 1996 and has always, until early 2013, been a community for numerous clans. Offering dedicated forums, pages, posts per clan/group, memberships and more exclusive content. Due to the change of the internet and the way people play games and share their passion for music, we changed it to a somewhat closed gaming clan. We’ve come to the conclusion that it is not wise to continue on that path, hence the reason we’re going completely back to the way it all started.

Clans, eSports Groups, Friends/Enthusiasts are all welcome!

The current staff behind the Ramteam®™ Group offers a place to gather around, meet new and old friends, discuss everything regarding gaming, music, offline activities, gear, pc advice and what not more..

Every eSports Group/clan/friends-group will be granted access to their own private forum as well as all public forums.
For now it’s free to join. We are looking for ways to expand our little business and invite clan owners to think of ways to gather gifts, donations et cetera to give more insight on new content. This is a future plan though.

Ramteam Records: Livesets, Track Releases, Remixes

Next to Ramteam Gaming, Ramteam Records is part of the Ramteam®™ Group.
Ramteam Records is a low-end no-nonesens record label, founded and maintained by Indominex. Staff members include Savantia and DJ Pascha. Ramteam Records is always looking for new and existing talent. We have an official account at both Hearthis.at and Soundcloud.com, however we use Hearthis.at more than the rest. Hearthis.at has a lot more potential. Livesets, track releases, remixes and more will be posted here.

Contact, Facebook, Chatbox, Discord

We’re active on several social media including Facebook. We have our own Discord server.
Best way to contact Ramteam Gaming is through Discord. Contact Ramteam Records via the contact form in the menu.

More info coming soon..

Ramteam Staff

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