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[Techno] Indominex - TM 3.0 #102 - LiVE @ the Studio - 17 August 2019

Ramteam Records present a new Tech Mag Series episode

Performer: Indominex
Set: Tech Mag 3.0 #102 - LiVE @ The Studio
Genre: Techno
Duration: +/- 80 minutes
Record Date: 17 August 2019

We're back again with a great Techno Special. Full of crazy, percussion-rich bangers to make your life complete. Recorded and performed live at the The Studio.

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Ramteam Records


  1. Lucid Void - Cryptic Mind
  2. Ramon Tapia - Entity (Original Mix)
  3. Avision - SImple Things (Original Mix)
  4. M.I.T.A. - Andromeda (Original Mix)
  5. Polli Ji - Meant To Be (Coyu Remix)
  6. A S Y S - Bassface (Original Mix)
  7. Umek & D-Unity - Total Invasion (Original Mix)
  8. Yan Cook - Type E
  9. Alan Fitzpatrick - The Approach (Original Mix)
  10. Bastian Bux - Different Man (Original Mix)
  11. DJ Dextro - Acid Conductor (Original Mix)
  12. I Am Bam & Ignacio Arfeli - Atish (Original Mix)
  13. Polli Ji - Choices (Original Mix)
  14. Gotshell - Pears Cosmic (Original Mix)
  15. I Am Bam & Ignacio Arfeli - Hypnosis (Original Mix)
  16. Raito - Deep Down Inside (Eveen Deeper Mix)
  17. Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Adam Beyer, Bart Skils & Layton Giordani Renaissance Remix)
  18. Kitkatone - Send My Love
  19. M.I.T.A. - Night Meister (Original Mix)
  20. I Am Bam & Ignacio Arfeli - Enlil (Original Mix)

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