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[Techno] DJ Kerosin - Tech Mag Taiwan Episode 01 - 29 Oct 2019

Ramteam Records present a new Tech Mag Series episode

Performer: DJ Kerosin
Set: Tech Mag Taiwan Episode #01
Genre: Techno
Duration: +/- 80 minutes
Record Date: 29 October 2019

Howdy everyone. Check out a new Tech Mag Taiwan special ! Tech Mag is going abroad !! Recorded and performed live at the The Studio in Taiwan.

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Ramteam Records


  1. Reinier Zonneveld - Do Your Thing (Original Mix)
  2. Drunken Kong, Victor Ruiz - Inside Out (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)
  3. Ellen Allien - Innocence (Truncate Remix)
  4. Radio Slave - Grindhouse feat. Danton Eeprom (Len Faki's Hardspace Remix 2)
  5. Spartaque - Afterdark (Original Mix)
  6. Cari Lekebusch - New Relic (Original Mix)
  7. Drunken Kong - Begin (Original Mix)
  8. Drunken Kong - The Line (Original Mix)
  9. Bart Skils - Ocean Drive (Original Mix)
  10. Wehbba - Unfold (Original Mix)
  11. Amelie Lens - In Silence (Original Mix)
  12. Enrico Sangiuliano - Blooming Era (Original Mix)
  13. Amelie Lens - Stay With Me (Perc Remix)
  14. Gemini Voice Archive - Framauro's Plains (Slam Remix)
  15. Egbert - Zaag (Original Mix)
  16. Michel De Hey - Enough Isn't Enough (Original Mix)
  17. Wigbert - Multiclock (Original Mix)
  18. Spektre - Halcyon (Roberto Capuano Remix)
  19. Radio Slave - Grindhouse (Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix)
  20. Anthony Castaldo & Raniero - Kalt (Original Mix)
  21. Tobias Lueke - Masquerade
  22. Sebastian Groth - Hilf-e
  23. Lukas Freudenberger - Beat Conductor (Angy Kore & Steve Shaden Remix)
  24. Ochs & Klick - It's About Time (Angy Kore Remix)
  25. Steve Shaden - Night Walks (Tobias Lueke Remix)
  26. Shadym - Atomic Vibration
  27. Cappella - U Got 2 Know (The Belgian Stallion Remix)

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