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What is this website about ?

The Ramteam®™ Network is a place for gaming enthusiasts on all platforms, DJ/Producers and webdesigners.

This website features information about and links to all the services our network has to offer.

As of 31 July 2017 we are rebuilding this website.
Please be patient as all details, information and such are added.

This website will also contain the portfolio of The Ramteam Network’s in-house designstudio HLDezine.





HLDezine is the in-house web- and mediadesign studio of The Ramteam Network. HLDezine, founded in 1999 as HL Design by the founder of The Ramteam Network, changed its name to HLDezine to achieve a more modern look, in early 2017 and to stay away from conflicts with another studio.

HLDezine is responsible for all websites in our network, all media, avatars, icons and more for every department. The studio currently offers freelance work for people within our network, but is also available for customers outside our network.

HLDezine is capable of multi-linear projects in Photoshop and GiMP, has a lot of experience with XOOPS CMS and vBulletin forumsoftware and is currently offering its services on:
– WordPress CMS
– WooCommerce e-Shop configurations
– Complete Corporate Identity MakeOver for startups and existing companies

Check HLDezine’s portfolio by clicking THIS LINK !

Ramteam Gaming

The Ramteam Network, in short RMT, is a worldwide network which focuses on online gaming, online interaction on Teamspeak³/Discord, music and more. RMT was founded in May 1996 by Pr1nceHapi (formerly known as Jax) and was simply called Ramteam. The name Ramteam was chosen due to the game played back then, namely Destruction Derby. Our slogan, which was used until 2012, was:
– If we see a car, we ram it.

In the following years several clans decided to join their leading network and they changed the name to The Ramteam Community. In 2013, they decided to bounce the Community and move on to The Ramteam Network. Everyone who plays with ‘m, is a Ramteamer. With a staff consisting of people from the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Australia and France, The Ramteam Network is one of the oldest clans in Europe which is still alive and kicking. If it wasn’t for the team ánd the members, they wouldn’t have come so far.

The Ramteam Network supports a large range of games on both PC and consoles.
Click HERE to go to the Gaming-website directly.

Ramteam Records

Ramteam Records is the in-house label of The Ramteam Network.
Founded in 2012, Ramteam Records has evolved from a single trackrelease per 3-4 months, it now has a large portfolio of tracks in several genres, livesets and mixtapes.

Ramteam Records focuses on small artists who haven’t made a name for themselves yet or want to expand with us to the next level. Ramteam Records will launch a webshop for selling tracks in 2018. Next to that its got a premium account at Hearthis for uploading tracks, (live)sets and more.

The main artist in Ramteam Records is Indominex and he’s looking for new talents to join the adventure of his label !!

Indominex (
a.k.a. DJ Ramteam):
Indominex, who is a DJ and producer in the genres Techno, Tech House, Deep House, Industrial Hardcore, Frenchcore and Progressive Trance, is also the founder of The Ramteam Network. Known for his work as a clanleader, webdesigner and handyman, he’s always keen in his tracks and has his own style.

Feel free to join their website and contact them via the forum.

Click HERE to go to the Ramteam Records website directly.

** As of 11 July 2017, we are an official Trademark. For more info, please consult the founder **