Echoes of History Memberslist

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Echoes of History Memberlist

Here you may find Leaders, Moderators, Administrators and Mentors from the Ramteam Gaming Sub-Group: Echoes of History or RMT-Warframe.


BanditNL Founder, Dutch Founder of the EOH sub-group.

Real name: Pascal Tankink.


Title: Founder.

Bio: Hi, i’m BanditNL, also known as SonicEzio, i’m a hobby DJ, Streamer, and Gamer. I know alot about computers, and love working with them, i’ve been playing video games since 2004 on my Sega Gennesis. (Generation 1, 16Bit)

I joined the Ramteam Network in 2014.

Firen99, Founder, backup account for BanditNL.

(The above information about BanditNL aplies to Firen99)

Slimes, Mentor, UK Mentor to the Echoes of History.

Real name: Max Brennan

Age: Unkown.

Title: Mentor.

Bio: Friend of the Echoes of History, and respected member of the RMT Warframe Community, Slimes met BanditNL trough Warframe, and became a member not long after. After not to long, slimes proved to be a valuable member, and with his ideas and tips quickly became a Mentor for the Echoes of History, a position normally not quickly earned.