Echoes of History Ranking System

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Here is the ranking system as used for our subclan: Echoes of History in Warframe.

  • Founder: SonicEzio (A.K.A BanditNL)
  • Mentor: Clan Leader, and Moderator,  respected by all and looked up to by many, the ultimate rank within the Echoes of History.
  • Echoe: You have achieved the highest rank obtainable by a Non-Leader, you are well respected by our community and a long time member of the Echoes of History, Congratulations!
  • Master Assassin: A symbol of fear, status, and high regard, you have proven that you are loyal to our cause, you are an Master Assassin, Master of our ways.
  • Assassin: You are feared by our enemies, unseen by the prey that you stalk, unheard by the beasts that roam the earth, you are an Assassin.
  • Shadow: You are seen only as a shadow, our enemies panic, and run at the sight of your shadow, you are beginning to understand our way.
  • Whisper: You are a whisper, the enemy whispers your name in their ears, knowing that despair, will soon catch up with them.
  • Soldier: You are a soldier, you look around and you see many more of our members around you, as they look back at you with interest and respect.
  • Disicple: You have joined our clan, and you are adapting to our ways.


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