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Request a unique @Ramteam.eu emailaddress

Dear members,

As long as we can remember, we've offered unique emailaddresses for our dearest members.
A while ago we stopped offering these due to some issues with the webhost.
Now that that's all sorted, we offer this service again.

Be aware that requesting an emailaddress is subjectory to the following yet simple rules:

  • only full members can request a unique emailaddress
  • Email inbox sizes are limited to 10MB. Staff members have a bigger limit.
  • Spamming via this emailaddress is strictly prohibited.
  • Usage of (large) files is prohibited. Of course you can send text documents or simple lowsize images, but nothing huge.
  • When you're inactive for a long time without proper reason, your emailaddress will be revoked without warning. This is usually after 3 months of inactivity.
  • Disclosure of membership will automatically lock you out of the email services.
  • The inbox can be accessed via the menu above.

Click HERE to fill in the request form. We hold the right to reject your application at any time without any given reason.

With regards,
Founder & 1st Admin