GTA5: Again a new Comet. And more bonus stuff

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GTA Online: Pfister Comet SR Out Now, Plus GTA$ & RP Bonuses, Avenger Discount & More.
It kind of looks like the week starts at Tuesday, instead of eh, Monday.. Only at Rockstar 😛

This weeks new stuff in GTA Online:
* Gunrunning Sell Missions (launched via your Bunker laptop)
* Special Vehicle Missions (launched from your Executive Office computer)
* Air Quota – Work your way through every flavor of airborne combat the Los Santos skies have to offer the only way you know how – by blowing your opponents to bits with Missiles and Cannons.
* Rockstar-Created Transform Races – Compete across air, land, sea or foam in all 32 Rockstar-Created Transform Races – where a Checkpoint can instantly find you at the controls of a different vehicle.

Aircraft Discounts:
Mammoth Avenger – 25% off
P-996 Lazer – 25% off
Volatol – 25% off (Buy it Now & Trade Price)
Western Company Seabreeze – 25% off (Buy it Now & Trade Price)

Facility Upgrades:
Facility Style – 25% off
Facility Graphics – 25% off
Security Room – 25% off

Vehicle Discounts:
Mobile Operations Center Cabs – 30% off
HVY Insurgent Pick-Up (Off-Road) – 30% off Buy it Now & Trade Prices
HVY Nightshark (Off-Road)– 30% off
Declasse Yosemite (Muscle) – 25% off
Vapid Riata (Off-Road) – 25% off

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