[Important Notice] Teamspeak³ is gone, please welcome Discord !

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Hey members, friends and visitors,

It has come to my attention that some of our members, mostly those who have a very busy personal life and are not active much (but are still dedicated to Ramteam, for which we’re grateful!!), are still trying to login to our former Teamspeak³ server. As per November 2017, our infinite host has decided to cease all operations including his company due to personal reasons.

We’ve moved on to use and only use Discord at this time. Discord has managed to become a very great tool for VOIP-chat, so we’ll just stick to this for now and maybe forever.
Please use the widget on the frontpage to connect to our Discord server !

Keep in mind that our Discord server is free to use for everyone who’s into gaming or who wants to have a chat with Ramteamers. Also, Ramteam Records affliates and HLDezine customers may fully use Discord ! We’re an open and informal network. Please be respectful to all whom connect to the server. Thank you.

// Pr1nceHapi

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