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Hey there members, visitors, friends and more,

The Staff has a couple of positions open for the following tasks:
1] Overall Forum & Website moderator
2] Video & Image Editor (scores, leagues, clanwars etc)
3] Console Department Manager

1] Overall Forum & Website moderator
We are looking for someone who moderates the forum and is able to work his/her way around our website (WordPress & Premium theme/plugins).
The position requires proper knowledge of website coding and editing and also requires moderating skills. Preferably someone who’s outstanding in webdesign.
Applications can be sent through our contact form by clicking the link below !

2] Video & Image Editor (scores, leagues, clanwars etc)
The Ramteam Network is looking for someone who has skills in video editing (Sony (or Magix) Vegas software etc), image editing (Photoshop, GiMP etc) .
This position requires knowlegde of the software, preferably with examples of your previous work. Applications without examples or stated as ‘i want to try etc’ will be ignored.
We’ve been around for a long time and all sorts of professionals make what we are today.

3] Console Department Manager
Recently we decided to add a whole new department to TRN. The Ramteam Consoles Department. As gaming always evolves and consoles are getting more important over the years, we felt we had to cover this department as well for our members. Currently we’re looking for Die-Hard consolegamers who are willing to manage and maintain the Ramteam Consoles Department homepage. As stated before, all departments have their own homepage under the TRN flag. Applications can be send via the form-link below.

Applications form:
Click here

Pr1nceHapi – Founder and Boss of The Ramteam Network
NL-Chaos – Boss and second in command of The Ramteam Network

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