PDA. Hot or not ? Check out the future of PDA’s..

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Psion, a former producer of computer hard- and software. Founded in 1980, defunct in 2012.
I’ve had a couple of old PDA’s throughout the years, mainly found on second hand market places and computer fairs. Because, why not ?
PDA’s were a good alternative for handwritten agenda’s. And in the late 90s and early 00s, when mobile phones were just phones and not smartphones as we all know by now, PDA’s were just véry handy. I’ve had a Palm once. Even had a Dell PDA which I found at the local dump. Turned out the battery had to change. I had a couple of Chinese brands of which I could never pronounce the name.

But I also had a Psion PDA. Which had its own OS. The Potter Scientific Instrument (Or Nothing) was very unique and had some special features none of the other ones had, like an alarm clock with a real twitchy sound. Back in the days, none of the PDA’s had music~ish tones built-in. They just had a beep. It reminded me of the good ‘ol beepers we youngsters had in the very early 90s.

These days the market is controlled by Motorola, which still uses the old production facility of Psion.

Now, today I read a story about a new PDA. In the swarm market of mobile and smartphones, it’s almost unthinkable one would come up with a PDA. A Personal Digital Agenda. I mean, come on, every darn smartphone has a built-in agenda, whether it’s Android or iOS. Heck, even the non-smartphone ones have it. Including the senior-phones. You know, the ones with they very bug buttons, ey .. As if only old people have sight issues. But okay, I’m drifting off.

So I read the story about a new PDA. I was stunned. Although I immediately thought, why the heck would you invest 1.3 million dollar in a new niche device, I also thought (after seeing the first leaked pictures) it would be an idea. Just a good ‘ol PDA with PDA-functionality, but with a real qwerty/azerty keyboard and a 10-core MediaTek SOC wíth 4GB of ram and an internal storage of 64GB. Meaning, back in the day it was a 2 or 8 color screen, but this one comes with a high resolution one so you can add photo’s and maybe even video.

It’s called the ‘Planet Computers’ Gemini. Zodiac anyone ?

I’d say, check out the video below. If you attend CES 2018, make sure to visit their stand for a thorough explanation of the why and how-to of this marvellous device:

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