Review: Battlefield 1 Gameplay Review by NL-Chaos [Pre-Alpha]

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Hey there,

This is a first glance on Battlefield 1 and what we can expect in the new BF-franchise. This review is completely based on the E3 coverage of BF1 Multiplayer video. Things might change when new video footage pop up or new features and element are released by DICE and EA.

Official RG Review
Subject: The Battlefield 1 Gameplay Review by NL-Chaos
Author: NL-Chaos
English Conversion: Pr1nceHapi
Open Beta Signup: Click here

So, the first what we see is a partly burning windmill. There is a complete overhaul of icons on your minimap/screen in NM (Normal Mode). HM (Hardcore Mode) will be available, however not in the pre-alpha. This isn’t however what this review is for. We all want to know what the new Battlefield game makes Battlefield 1. Can and wíll it bother existing and new players in the BF-franchise ?

Be sure to know that this in fact ÍS a pre-alpha, which is most likely not comparable with the full release. A lot has yet to be tweaked.
There’s a lot of new stuff you can find and choose in BF1 Multiplayer:

Weapons and Equipment
* Machine Guns: Side Loaded MP18-tr
* Singleshot Guns: Gewehr 98-sh
* Pistols: The very famous M1911
* Sniper Rifles: Gewehr 98 with a scope
* Bajonet: Knife attachment on all sorts of guns
– Pros: fast kill upon sprinting forward (34m26 in the video) while screaming towards your enemy.
– Cons: once attacking an enemy, the camera focuses on the enemy, not allowing to see what’s going on around you (hence other enemies). Finding out what smashing upon a wall feels can be seen at 34m45 in the video.
* Canted Ironsode: For those who’d like to mix being a sniper and play close combat.
* Anti-vehicle Rounds: There’s this anti-vehicle ammunition for snipers to take out vehicles like tanks. Not surprisingly effective, however a lot of fun. This automatically means though, that your basic ammunition is swapped by AV-ammunition. Sidenote* Once we’ve played the beta, we’ll work out an updated review.
* Maces and Knifes: As always, in all BF-games, there are knifes. What makes BF1 special, is the addition of Maces. Maces are a fun way of smashing your opponents head back to last year, hehe..
* Poison Gas: Once of the májor fun stuff we’ve been looking forward too. It’s like BF3/4’s smoke, but then highly poisonous. Perfect for taking out a group of enemies. They do however, have the ability of gasmasks, although while finding yourself surrounded with maces, knifes, bullets and more, you might forget putting it on.
* Night Vision: NV is possible throughout the game, which is shortly seen in the video. Strange though, since it was first used in Vietnam.

Vehicles and Planes
* Tanks
– Tanks are devided in light tanks, medium tanks and heavy tanks. All with their own speed, guns and armor. Tanks can be taken out by blowing them up or shooting at the caterpillars.
* Boats: We know for a fact that boats and subs will be available in the full release, however they were not featured in the pre-alpha as of what we’ve seen so far. They might be featured in a future pre-alpha video. What we know is that there will be fully operational battleships and more.
* Attackplanes: AP’s are two-seater planes. One pilot, one gunner. While the pilot bombs the battlefield, the gunner shoots at enemy planes  I wonder however if shooting might damage the rotor too. Would be fun 😛
* Zeppelin: The big ass zeppelin. Man oh man, that’s going to be AWESOME. The Zeppelin features a main and secondary gunner. We’ve seen these big planes in BF3 and BF4 accesible via a large container (Flag D at BF4’s Silk Road map for example). Where you were unable to fully control the big plane in BF3/BF4, you cán control the Zeppelin in BF1. Can’t wait to play. This means you can control the sky for as long as you want where you want (until the enemy takes you down muhahaha). The downside of a Zeppelin is its size. It takes a long time to get over to one side of the map and you might’ve been shot down already before accessing that location.
A great thing about being a sniper and a Zeppelin in the same map, is that well trained snipers such as NL-Chaos and Pr1nceHapi, can kill the Zeppelin pilot from the ground. Pr1nceHapi is known to crash planes on teammates for fun though. All for the lolz, hehe..

* Dynamic Weather
– E.g. while playing as a sniper,you might switch to another class due to changing weather elements. Yes, weather. While sniping enemies in the utter heat with a lot of sun covering the exact enemy location, you might find yourself searching for the same enemy and/or others, because suddenly it’s raining frogs and there’s a lot of myst. When you’re sky high in a tower, myst might f00k up your view. Lots of new strategies to uncover upon playing BF1. We at Ramteam Gaming lóve this feature.
Also, when it rains, weapons get wet and might refuse to shoot.
– When a Zeppelin crashed on land, it’ll demolish everything. Not just the place of impact, but also everything around ‘ground zero’. This might screw your team’s strategy, however when everything is shot to hell, you’ve got a lot of new cover to cook some enemies and take over the flag. Once the Zeppelin or whatever plane is shot down, the crashed vehicle stays there throughout the whole round. Awesome feature which I haven’t seen since Soldier of Fortune 1.
Bullet holes in your plane, car, tank .. they’re there until it’s destroyed. Doors can be shot to pieces and you don’t have to wait until they open to wander through.

– Friendly’s are completely different than in BF4. They’ve got this kind of green glace over them, so you know exactly who’s friendly and who’s not. Next to that the uniform might give away their team hehe. However that’s not always reliable. In HM in BF4 this was a major issue with some teams (China/Russia for instance). The green glace looks a bit cheap though. Might be subject to change. The majority of RMT plays in HM. Since we’ve not seen any HM footage yet, we can’t say anything about it yet.

Last words
* What occured to most fans, is the plane crashing a tower and being bumped up. We expect this to be fixed in the full release, because we all want to see the new level of levolution as first seen in BF4. We love to see both the plane and tower to blow up and damage everything surrounding that location. Everything covered in the video is absolutely not everything BF1 has to offer. This is just a basic view of what BF1 is all about. We hope you enjoyed this review. More to come as new details and videos are released. Enlist in the open beta and compete with Ramteam Gaming members in the BF Squad.

With regards and have fun,


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