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The Ramteam Network

Echoes of History is a sub-clan of Ramteam Gaming, and is Ramteam’s front on Warframe, Ramteam Gaming is part of the Ramteam®™ Group, wich has existed since 1996, and was founded by the Dutch gamer and DJ: Pr1nceHapi.

Echoes of History

Echoes of History is basically Ramteam on Warframe, thus the RMT-Warframe tag, Echoes of History is led by BanditNL (SonicEzio) and he is a administrator on the Ramteam Group.

Echoes of History was founded in 2015, altough it was in it’s begining steps and had a different name at the time.

Since 2018 EoH has aimed to bring in more members for the Ramteam Gaming community and be a fun place for PSN Warframe players to talk, do activities, trade, and more.



Here you can find links to BanditNL’s other web-stuff and Ramteam’s stuff.