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[01 Aug 2018] Slowly merging Ramteam Gaming and Ramteam Records into one website.
As of next week, we’re going to silently and slowly add all functionality and features from our record label into the Ramteam Gaming website. This will mean the frontpage will change from time to time with both Gaming and Music news !

Hello and Welcome to Ramteam Gaming!

We are a multiplatform gaming clan that has been around since 1996.
Most of you will know us from Echoes of History, which is our subclan, from Warframe and may be new to Ramteam Gaming, so what is Ramteam Gaming?
A place where gamers from all over the world unite, to play fair and have fun, be it on PC, XONE, PS4 or even a Sega Genessis.
The main langauge we use is English, altough on the forums all langauges are allowed.
We are mostly active on Warframe (PS4) but we are also found in GTA Online on PC or the Battlefield series.

Registration is open to everyone who’s willing to have some fun.


Our current staff is as follows:

Founder and 1st admin:
– Pr1nceHapi

– SonicEzio
– Ghost_Roman

– Savantia
– Nekage_NL
– Flyturkish


Feel free to register an account to use the website and forums.
If you have any questions, please use Discord or the forums !


Echoes of History ranking system

Click HERE for the hierarchy system of Echoes of History.

#RMT Warframe




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