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About HLDezine

HLDezine is a freelance web- and mediadesign studio founded and operated by Mr. Y. Heijmink Liesert. HL refers to the full surname, Dezine refers to a modernized version of the word design. HLDezine is part of The Ramteam®™ Network, which was founded in 1996 by the same person behind the studio, and counts as the in-house webdesign studio.

HLDezine has been in the business since the late 90s of the past century. With knowledge of vBulletin, HTML, PHP and CSS, HLDezine has built over 40 websites in the first 6 years in existance.

In 2006 HLDezine started designing with the XOOPS Project, a php-based CMS for business and gaming clans. Over the years HLDezine contracted several businesses and foundations and was requested multiple times to build blogs and webshops.

Since 2014 HLDezine switched to build websites using WordPress after which all websites in The Ramteam Network were converted to WordPress in that year.

HLDezine continues to operate within the spheres of The Ramteam®™ Network.

Pricing Information

Due to the severe and changing world of web- and mediadesign and based on the client’s wishes, pricing is susceptible to what the client wants and requests.

Current Pricing:
º Pricing starts at €150.- excluding legal taxes based on one webpage, existing logo, contact form and basic SEO*.
º Pricing starts at €300.- excluding legal taxes based on an optimized website (max 3 pages), potential logo, contact form and basic SEO*.
º Pricing starts at €700.- excluding legal taxes based on a full website (max 7 pages), potential logo, contact form and basic SEO*.
º Other pricing will be discussed by the client due to its wishes and demands.

A hosting plan and domain name are never included. We do however have preferred contacts in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK for webhosting and domainname registration.

Legal Taxes:
HLDezine has its base in the Netherlands, therefore all taxes are 21% !!

Feel free to contact HLDezine via the CONTACT-button in the menu above.

* SEO: Search Engine Optimization


Below is a selection of the websites built by HLDezine over the past years.
Note that some do not longer exist, changed their name or are no longer in
business. Click the image to go to the website directly.

Ramteam Gaming

Ramteam Gaming is the in-house gaming website of The Ramteam Network.

Ramteam Portal

Ramteam Portal is the overall portal of The Ramteam Network and the home of HLDezine. Ramteam Portal functions as a portal to all websites that are part of The Ramteam Network.

Ramteam Records

Ramteam Records is the in-house record label of The Ramteam Network.

Salon Ellen / Airbrush Twente

Salon Ellen and Airbrush Twente is a dual company located in Saasveld, Netherlands.
Salon Ellen is a barbershop, Airbrush Twente is an airbrush company for body-, wall-, home content art. The owner of the company contacted HLDezine to create a simple yet effective website for the company’s businesses. The website was completed in early 2015. HLDezine maintains the website to this date.

Juridisch Adviesbureau RBCM

RBCM is a Legal Opinion office located in Borne, Netherlands. The owner of this company is a longterm client of HLDezine. The studio was approached in late 2015 to create a website to suite the new business approach of RBCM. The website was completed in 2016, but due to a complete new corporate identity makeover, it’s currently in re-development.

Vocaal Ensemble De Troubadours

Vocaal Ensemble De Troubadours is a male choir from the Netherlands.
Back in 2009 HLDezine was approached to design a simple to use website, due to the average age of the choir and its audiences.
The goal was to create a very lowlevel but packed website.

Aversion Rockers vBulletin Forum (defunct)

The German rockgroup ‘Aversion Rockers’ requested a dark forum for their website back in 2001. Using vBulletin, HLDezine built a fully operating forum which was used until 2012, two years after the founder passed away. The website went offline in that year.

(DJ) DJ Pascha / (Gamer) SonicEzio

SonicEzio is a staffmember of The Ramteam Network and is a DJ under the alias DJ Pascha.
HLDezine was requested to design a website for both purposes. The completion was done in 2016.