Staff update & future plans

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Dear everyone,

Due to the recent staff updates, we’ve decided to focus on console gaming more than PC gaming.
The founder and creator of Ramteam has ‘fired’ several staff members for abusing their powers and provoking regular members.
This basically means that the entire PC Crew has been layed down. The reasons of their actions are still not clear and as long as it’s in the dark, no explanation will be given.

The console crew still remains and is still very active in recruiting, maintaining and operating the clan.
If you wish to become part of the PC gaming part of Ramteam, feel free to join us. With the latest rumours of a new 2018 Battlefield-game, we’re still going strong. Please keep in mind that due to the actions by these former crew members, the shop and sponsoring are put on hold until futher notice.

Ramteam has been around for 21 years and this will not be a reason to close down. At all.
Ramteam still consists of a selection of dedicated people who’ve been (crew)members over a decade and we will stay put !!
Together with Ramteam Records and HLDezine, the in-house record label and design studio, we keep on going.

The founder’s focus will be Ramteam Records and HLDezine, which are ran by Pr1nceHapi, the gaming part will be kept alive by SonicEzio, Savantia, NekageNL and Flyturkish !

If you have any questions, then reply below or holla at us on Facebook.

With regards,
º The Ramteam Network º

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