[WiP] Custom Wheelstand – Concept 01

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[Work in Progress] Custom Wheelstand - If you don't like the original one 🙂

What if ..

You don’t like the original Wheelstand (Pro) for your gaming wheel..
Or don’t like the prices on the ones available..
Or just miss out on several features on those which are for sale at this very moment..

What if ..

You have lots of wooden plates laying around doing nothing..
You have lots of creativity in your mind which you want to put to the test..
You have time on your hands, nothing to do in the morning after and just like to be the in-house handyman..

Then you might do exactly what I did. I had and still have lots of wooden plates laying around, screws, mounts and so on, I’ve got lots of creativity. But most of all, I just don’t like the current (and probably everlasting updates of..-) Wheelstands that are for sale.

Sure they look nice and are built from sturdy materials plus mounts, but then again, I always miss out on features with these pretty expensive things.

It’s the same with my computerdesk. I built my own one, because apart from being cheaper, it has at least 20 more features than those which are for sale in the Netherlands at this price rate (my current custom computerdesk costed less than 50 euro in total and it has at least 3 times more space at this price point).

Anyways, back on topic.
I’m a PC gamer. I’ve always been a PC gamer and will probably always be one. I’ve got a nice selection of gadgets, but I also have a wheel. A (pc) Gaming Wheel that is. Now, one of my brothers used to have a Wheelstand Pro for his Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 wheel which was quite nice. I always wanted one for my Thrustmaster F458 Italia, but never got to buying one. Today I just decided to make a little concept of what I have in mind. And this is the result.

Since it’s still a WiP (Work in Progress), I will update this post whenever I’m ahead with the WiP.
Enjoy the images so far.

– Hapi

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